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Hello, and welcome to nest

Nest is a small, family run service designed to empower people from all walks of life, by using a variety of training and support programs to help people achieve their goals.

At Nest, we believe that relationships are the foundations on which all human growth and achievement is built. As such, we genuinely value all members of our extended family, including staff, participants, and all interested parties.

We strongly believe that with the right support and encouragement, a person is capable of achieving whatever they set out to do. Our role then, is to assist people to build their confidence, overcome their obstacles, and pursue the life they want. 

Real People
Real Support 

At Nest, what you see is what you get. We don’t sing up a storm and deliver something different. Nor do we formalise service delivery to the point that workers seem robotic and disconnected. We encourage genuine interactions, delivered in every day settings, by genuine people.

The founders of Nest still work directly with all of our participants, and care little for the pomp associated with management. We are open, genuine people. We want to know the real YOU, and we want you to know the real US.

Nest training and support services

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Our Mission 

To provide genuine and honest support options, and training that enables lasting beneficial growth.

Our Vision 

To be sought after as a preferred training and support company, due to evidenced positive outcomes.

NDIS training and support services

Logo Meaning

The Nest logo symbolises care, growth, graduation, and contribution.

The bird and the nest symbolise being assisted to reach a certain level of accomplishment, and the push to take on the next challenge.

But it is the small egg above the ‘t’ that we like most. It symbolises that each person we work with also makes their contribution to OUR growth. Both as individuals, and a support service.

Finally, the ‘swooshed egg’ in the background symbolises everyone working together to create more opportunities for all the people we will work with in the future.

Here's what some of our clients are saying

"Working for Nest Training and Support Services has been a real Joy. The management team are super supportive of their staff and clients and go above and beyond to ensure each client is paired with the best support worker to suit their specific needs. Donna, Kym and their handpicked group of support workers are real, down to earth, compassionate people who are passionate about what they do and really care about enhancing the lives of their clients. I'm proud to be a part of the growing Nest Training and Support Services team."



"I met Kym over two years ago when I needed help for my son who had difficulties with his mental health. Kym was so good from day one. He would listen for hours at a time, and it was easy to see that he had the backing of many years experience. It was a pleasure to see him put this knowledge and experience into play, as he would spend many hours a day working with my son (who struggles with schizophrenia and is on a Community Based Order).

I cannot recommend Kym and his team at Nest highly enough. He is a true expert in his field. Five star rating."



"I am a participant of Nest Training and Support Services and the workers are amazing, friendly and extremely supportive. They have helped me in so many ways. I am the happiest I have been in years and I am also now studying with their help."



"Nest have been my NDIS support agency for a year now. I have suffered from both mental health and addiction issues for thirty years now. Since joining Nest, my life has totally changed. The support I have received from my support workers and coordinator is above what I could have imagined. I have been with another NDIS support agency where I was always let down. Support workers never showed up without any notification, lack of sympathy and staff that had no training in the field.

Since joining Nest, I've become sober, and my mental health is better than it has ever been. My workers are amazing, caring, and so very supportive. I look forward to my visits each week. We do everything from going for a walk, shopping, attending appointments, and I'm learning how to cook now.

I want to thank Nest for giving me my life back.




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