About Us


Nest is built on the belief that people need people. That all of us, at one time or another, have needed someone to assist us, encourage us, teach us, challenge us, give us the tools we need to grow, and be there to celebrate our achievements.

At Nest, it is our goal to assist in all of these areas.

The founders of Nest have worked in all areas of community services, and have a combined total of over thirty years experience in Youth Work, Mental Health, Education and Training, and Disability Support. We select staff from a variety of areas, and provide them with ongoing training to ensure that they are all well equipped to meet the needs of our participants.

In our time in this sector, we have witnessed many changes to the way support is delivered. Sadly, we have also seen services slip further away from genuine human connection, and basic support principles. We however, still firmly believe that all achievement must be built on relationships and trust. Thus, we built Nest with the hope that by running a small boutique service, we could continue to provide the genuinely personalised support services that used to be much more common in our field.

We pride ourselves on this personalised service, and as such maintain a smaller group of people that we provide regular support to. As such, we cannot accept every application for service, but pride ourselves on helping our clients ‘graduate’ from service, allowing us to work with new people regularly.

Aside from our regularly supported participants, we also provide a range of training options to the broader support community and the general public, including:


  • Training in Support Work
  • Self Defence for Mental Health
  • Personal Growth – Navigating the Road Ahead
  • Youth Programs designed to motivate and empower young people.
  • Training in Overcoming Trauma

These programs are run regularly, based on application and interest.

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